The many forms of art

Mandalas are the art of perfection with repeated patterns, beauty in the symmetry and passion in plain sight. Zentangles are complex illusionist designs that may or may not have repeated patterns and have variations I am not knowledgeable enough to count. And then there is freehand drawing that could use zentangle patterns or mandala designs and create its own uniqueness in each piece.

My art lies somewhere in between all of it! My day job requires adherence to pattern and process, solving complex problems all day and managing relationships with teams and clients and creating products designed to serve a certain client or customer and their needs. So when it comes down to creating art, I want to disconnect from all of those aspects and just let my mind loose. What comes out, in most cases is a combination of the elements, none of them perfect enough for their individual categories, yet somehow soothing enough to make me feel happy about having created it.

I guess pride comes in many forms, and mine simply comes from being my best self and expressing my thoughts in my art. Suffices to say, Iā€™m not done growing but Iā€™m also happy where I am and where Iā€™m going šŸ™‚


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