Brave, not broken

Sometimes, I’m not sure who I am even

If I’m not filling my time with work, I feel my worth slipping

If I’m not working to death, I feel my life’s meaning is lost

I crave devastation and it makes me feel useful

I crave acceptance which I know I won’t get

I crave belief from others to feel valued

Why do I put myself through this misery?

Why do I ask for validity?

Why do I want to fit in, when I can stand out?

Why do I want to be one among them, when I can be the one?

I may not have the best jokes, or the best anecdotes

But I have a heart that’s full of love and ready to give

I may not have the best stories to tell,

But I have experiences no one else has lived

I may not be the most outgoing of all,

But when I make a friend, I’m there with them through life

There is only one way to live

And it is to accept myself as who I am

There is only one thing to do

And it’s to be who I was meant to

But then I shut down

What if I am not good enough or I’m taken down

I need strength and belief

I can do it, I know I’m meant to be more than this

I can create and build what I miss

I just need to accept my flaws as feathers in my cap

I may feel broken, but I’m not..

I’m just built different and I’m stronger than I was


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