Deepa Manghnani

Consultant / Artist

I’m a Consultant by profession, mother to a delightful and energetic tiny tot, baker on weekends, and cook by default. But what I have always been and will be, is an amateur artist at heart.

When we were being taught the various subjects and disciplines at school, and when most kids are enjoying the great outdoors, I found my happy place with a pencil and paper in whichever corner I could find. I should’ve known then to pursue it, but as they say ‘it’s never too late’, so here I am.

This is my journey through this immersive world, and I am, but a tiny dot on the world’s big canvas. And there’s so much fun in being on a quest to becoming our best selves, and learning what excites us (or doesn’t), on the way.

If you like my work here, follow me on Instagram @hridyakriti. I hope to hear from you there and if life has it in its plans, maybe we’ll bump into each other on this quest!

  • Mandala Art
  • Zentangles

  • Digital
  • Traditional

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